Professional English Coaching delivered with Cambridge curriculum and assessments using our ABC methodology


About VCL

We are a Professional coaching firm with Global business partnerships. We help you achieve integrated excellence that boosts your human capital, scales up your business, gives you broader and deeper functional competencies while keeping the focus on big picture. We stay with you throughout your journey and create together an extraordinary impact.


We provide Cambridge Professional English Coaching face to face, at your work place across the below segments;

  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Finance & Banking
  • Digital and Infotech
  • Business and Social
  • Airline Cabin Crew
  • Legal Professionals

Professional Cambridge English Program


Our team of experienced Coaches are determined to deliver you the best outcomes. Pre-program assessment is a critical step to help us place you on the right path. Upon successful completion, we re-assess and measure the progress.


We benchmark our Program participants per international standards to enable the right level of desired competitiveness. We ensure that you demonstrate the required level of English at work and open yourself to global opportunities.


The most significant aspect of our A+B+C offering is the Coaching. Our standard program lasts for six months but the affiliation to Volarato’s global community is life long. We keep connecting the dots for you as and when you need us.

Benefits of the Program

  • Learn and practice with your colleagues at work.
  • Relevant to your professional language needs that help you serve the customers better and accelerate growth.
  • Employers get better outcomes with Professional English embedded in the work culture.
  • Delivered at your work place that enables you to maximize the time and opportunity.
  • Enable your employees to work across cultures and gain confidence with face to face coaching.


VCL offers Linguaskill assessment of Cambridge University.