Tracker Networks Inc. markets Essential ERM, a proprietary, highly secure, web based enterprise risk management facilitation platform. The platform facilitates ERM processes by providing an easy to use and intuitive environment in which to identify risks, their root causes, mitigating controls and action plans. The platform is adept at identifying the degree to which the company’s key strategies may be threatened by organizational and other risks. The platform has robust reporting capabilities that facilitate the communication of the organization’s risk profile to the Board of Directors and executive management.

The Salt-Exchange operates two separate businesses that bring the power of block chain technology to its clients. The first business allows companies to issue company specific coins in a manner that simultaneously supports financing and deep customer engagement through highly focused marketing processes. The second business provides an entirely new paradigm for public sector financing which lowers public sector financing costs and simultaneously drives an enhanced sense of community among constituents.


WLCI was established in the year 1996 with the prime objective of bridging the gap between education and employment that is faced by most students. Today, WLCI has acquired the distinct reputation for its unique training strategy that aims to transform ‘Learners’ into ‘Achievers’. Every year, thousands of young people choose WLCI as the stepping-stone to a successful career. WLCI offers job-specific professional courses in the wide arena of Business, Fashion, Graphic Design and Media, in many locations across the Indian subcontinent.

Nutarniq Corp. in a bio technology company that markets a proprietary formulation that reverses the pain, numbness and other symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. The company presently distributes its products in Canada and Mexico but will soon commence distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UAE.